REPORT: What The Lakers Are Concerned About With LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly sensitive to the outside narrative that superstar small forward LeBron James and his representatives are calling the shots, according to Bill Oram of The Athletic.

If the Lakers hire Tyronn Lue as its new head coach, there will be a prevailing thought around the league that James is basically running the Lakers organization. Lue coached James on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Lakers are reportedly deciding between Lue and Philadelphia 76ers assistant coach Monty Williams, who is being courted by the Phoenix Suns as well.

However, there is a sensitivity within Lakers walls to the outside narrative that James and his representatives are calling the shots, and hiring Lue would do nothing to diminish those cries. The Lakers’ relationship with James is still new and evolving, and the organization is still learning how to cater to James without ceding power to him. Which category would hiring Lue fall into?

And what message does it send to other players — both current members of the roster as well as free agents — if the Lakers spring for the candidate viewed as LeBron’s coach?

Is it purely matter of optics? Or would there there be a real power imbalance if Lue came aboard? The answers to these questions may ultimately be benign, but you can bet the Lakers are at least including them in their calculus.

LA missed the playoffs in 2018-19. Luke Walton and the organization parted ways after the season ended, while Magic Johnson stepped down from his post.

James signed a four-year deal with the Purple and Gold in the summer of 2018. The King obviously knew it was going to take time to rebuild the franchise.

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